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Tua Tagovailoa Suffers Head And Neck Injures, Leaves TNF On Stretcher After Getting His Head Slammed Into The Turf

The classlessness on display from Amazon Prime Video when they decided to keep showing the replay of Tua Tagovailoa banging his head on the field tonight was unsettling. They analyzed, in slow motion, how Tua's hands were forming the "fencing response", which is a neurological reaction to traumatic head injuries/concussions.

We're not gonna be as tactless around these parts for something this serious. Not about to show the fencing response. Seek it out for yourself if you must. Obviously this is a scary development, because only this past Sunday, Tua hit the back of his head in similar fashion and was stumbling upon returning to his feet. It was deemed a back injury at the time, and the NFLPA is in the process of investigating that.

Some positive updates on Tua from after the game and on Friday morning:


Thursday Night Football brings us the NFL an extra day every week and it's fun for all the prime-time hype and all that. However, this is yet another painful reminder of how little time these players have to recover, especially someone like Tua who had back and ankle issues pop up on the injury report.

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