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Mike McDaniel Owned The Idiot Who Filmed Dolphins Practice On Wednesday: All The Leaked Plays Featured 12 Players On Offense

Mike McDaniel is playing 3D chess at the podium, with his offensive schemes, and, it seems, when feckless outsiders try to leak a one of his game plans before a huge Thursday Night Football game.

The Miami Dolphins seem to be in great hands with their new head coach to say the least. 

Full disclosure: I'm dealing with COVID right now and it kicked my ass yesterday. So if some of this blog doesn't make total sense blame that. Or if I can't come up with something clever enough to say about all this. Main takeaway is recognizing that Mike McDaniel will bury you if you try to fuck with him.

To even have the wherewithal to keep an eye out for someone sneaking into the Cincinnati Bearcats' stadium to film practice and give the hosting Bengals a competitive advantage is one thing. To be this far out ahead of it, whilst traveling on a short week and coming off an exhausting win over the Bills? I mean I know Mike McDaniel is a rookie head coach but you could've fooled me in light of his 3-0 start and his pitch-perfect handling of what could've been a disastrous situation here.

I'd have felt scummy trying to blog about the leaked plays if they were in fact genuine. Even as a Bengals guy, I don't want some sort of cheating subterfuge to play any role in winning. Leave that to the Patriots. JUST KIDDING (for the most part, not referring to Deflategate which was bullshit)...I do like that Jerry covered this story earlier, though. Fitting!

Let's see if Mike ClickDaniel can help my page views again. I'm behind this week for an obvious reason so I'd appreciate y'all's assistance. About eight hours ago I was seeing stars and thought the light in my bathroom was flickering which it definitely was not. Trying to rest up from here on out to get some bloggage done this eve. My beloved Bengals and Mike McDaniel duking it out in prime time. Really wanted to go to Phebe's in the city tonight — shout out to the best Bengals bar in town — but you know, COVID.

As for my thoughts on tonight's game, I'll leave you with one take I haven't seen anywhere else. The big factor many folks are citing is how Miami's defense will be gassed...on the flip side, their offense is going to be fresh as hell. With DJ Reader out for Cincinnati — PFF's top-graded interior d-lineman — there's a real chance the Fins will have their best rushing production of the season to date. Has me worried. And with all due respect to Zac Taylor, especially in light of this news I'm blogging about, McDaniel seems like the superior tactician. Just calling it like I see it.

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