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New Videos Just Dropped From The Hubble And James Webb Space Telescopes Of The DART Crash Into The Asteroid On Tuesday

A few days ago, the world was presented with this video of a spacecraft being launched into an asteroid. It was a test to see if we could knock potentially world-ending asteroids off track should we need to ever do so:

I say "eh" because that's what it was. Kinda uneventful. I wanted to see explosions and the asteroid smashed into a billion little pieces. It wasn't though. It was kinda like the ending of The Sopranos - just faded to black. I know that wasn't the point of the video, but that's what I yearn for when I click on literally anything on the internet. 

We get a little more of that from the video below:

Cheap thrills on cheap thrills on cheap thrills. Kinda. Not really. It is better than the original video though. At least in the 2nd time lapse it looks like we have a little Michael Bay style explosions… sorta.

I'll give the original video a 4.3 and the subsequent videos 5.4 scores. Edible, not anything to write home about. 

I'm a real sucker for space shit. Sometimes I'll pound 3chi before bed and get lost in YouTube videos or IG reels of space shit and be on Mars, no pun intended. You ever seen Cosmos which is narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson? It's sweet as fuck, even if NDT is kinda an annoying tool. Another one of my favorites is this quickie where Stephen Hawking describes how time travel is theoretically possible in Layman's terms:

Get roasted and watch that. You'll be amazed. I just planned your Thursday night for you. Enjoy!