Apparently Chris Castellani Has A VAULT Of Unreleased Music Videos And We The People Must DEMAND He Releases Them

Earlier this week, Chris Castellani took the internet by storm when he dropped his cover of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative": 


Absolutely incredible. If we ever draft "Best Cover Songs" on The Dog Walk and this doesn't go 1-1, we should just cancel the podcast all together. Laugh out loud funny in every way. 

So because of that, we had Chris on our music podcast On The Guest List to talk shop. Chris went into detail about how Prince, as of the mid-90s, had over 200 hours of unreleased doc footage that he swore would never see the light of day. The reason being for that was that he was such a perfectionist that he didn't want ANYTHING made public that wasn't up to his standards.

Once he died though, those who inherited this never released footage listened to it and it was a gold mine of incredible shit. That's also what Chris has. Just a VAULT of music videos like the one above:

Chris BETTER start dropping these videos as much as possible, or else I will voice my displeasure with him on social media. Because this video was awesome. It made my day. In a sea of negativity that is… well… literally everything in the year 2022, corny, yet actually-well-produced music videos like are necessary. They make the internet great. 

And real talk - Chris REALLY knows his shit about music. Didn't know he had that side to him, but he does. He was a great interview and brought forth a ton of awesome dialogue with us. Check out the entire interview here:


We've actually had a ton of big time guests on the show. Ice Cube, Chris Shifflet of the Foo Fighters, X Ambassadors, Neon Trees, KONGOS, Andy Grammar, The Black Keys, OAR, and we have an interview lined up for next week. You might recognize him from this photograph:

Giphy Images.

Also got Marty Schwartz coming on soon. He's taught only like… a million people how to play guitar. Have a listen. Gracias.