Justin Fields Completely Stinks.... Probably

You'd think as Bears fans we'd stop getting our hopes up anytime they draft a QB in the first round, but... we don't. We cling on to every ounce of hope we have that maybe, just MAYBE, that guy will be THE guy for the next 10+ years. Ya know, find our Rodgers. Or our Mahomes. Or our Manning. Or our Herbert. Even our fucking... idk.... Matt Ryan. Just SOMEONE who isn't a complete bum.

Andy Dufresne said it best in Shawshank in his letter to Red:

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” 

It really is a good thing. Without it, there's nothing to give a shit about. That's why we were elated when Pace and the Bears moved up to draft Justin Fields at 11:

Even though our reaction was genuine, as soon as our adrenaline died down, every one of us knew that the Bears always fuck up the QB position and that Fields was far from a sure thing. Sure, he's all "tooled up", twitchy, has a hose, can run, and do all the things you want a star QB to do. At least he can do them in a combine type setting. But if last 2 games (giving him the benefit of the doubt for the San Fran game because it was a monsoon) are any indicator, the guy ain't an NFL QB.

Am I personally ready to call it quits on him? Just about, yeah. I've seen this movie before and know exactly how it ends. Getting this DM from a Bears media personality was pretty much the final nail in the coffin for me: 

Absolutely sucks. How Pace was allowed to draft ANOTHER QB is a crime against humanity. Should have never, ever happened. Fucking ridiculous.

In other news, the White Sox completely fucking suck. They're rolling over and letting teams pet them on their belly. It makes me sick to my stomach and they should be ashamed of themselves as an organization.

See ya in 2023, hopefully with a completely reconstructed roster and head coach. 

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