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It's Flat Out Sad Seeing The Former King Of The South Begging And Pleading For Ole Miss Fans To Come See A Top-10 Team On Saturday

This is getting sad guys. You're Ole Miss. You're the home of Eli Manning. You're the home of the former King of the South (maybe Louisiana, not quite sure). You have a top-10 Kentucky team coming to the Grove this weekend and you need this? You need Mintzy to sit in the student section to fire you up? Pathetic. I knew it was bad when Ole Miss had to use some gimmicks to try and get fired up to play Kentucky this week: 

Even if every number shows Kentucky is a damn good program these days, even I can admit it's a bit sad. It's like bragging about being in the backend of a top-20 blogger list. It's basically the same as using outside forces so people would use your name in a merch code. It's kind of on par with cheating in trivia. Just makes you say 'that's sad' out loud. 

This is all I need to know that Kentucky has changed as a football program. I could talk about the wins. I could talk about the improvement in recruiting and facilities. I could use records over the last 5-6 years. It's all there. But the fact that Mintzy is taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to hit up Oxford, Mississippi? That's the sign that Kentucky has arrived as a football program. 

The true king of the South: 

Wait. Nope. That's not right at all.

The REAL King of the South

Lexington Herald-Leader. Getty Images.

(Sure anyone could put Saban here, but not me).