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Boobs Blog

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This isn't just a boobs blog. I lied to get your click. Well, it is a boobs blog. But not in the way you were hoping. I used what we call refer to in the industry as, clickbait. It's a way of hijacking your valuable time. We make you click on a link thinking it's one thing, when in reality it's something much less interesting. But this isn't just clickbait. It's far worse than that. This is charity terrorism to sell you merchandise from the Barstool Store. I have no problems doing it. 

Barstool Sports is partnering with Pink Aid, an organization that provides compassionate support, critical resources, and emergency financial assistance to underserved breast cancer patients and their families. When you buy Breast Cancer Awareness Merch from the Barstool Sports Store, 100% of the net proceeds go to Pink Aid

Does that sound like an organization you would be interested in helping? Do you think that is a good use of your money? Or is there something else that is more important? That's fine. I'm sure there's things you need more than underserved breast cancer patients need compassionate support, critical resources, and emergency financial assistance.  

Now I know what you're thinking…

Has Pink Aid even helped over 20,000 breast cancer patients and their families? Is there even a pie graph that tells me what the funds are used for? Is it local to Connecticut and Long Island? Have over 2,000 breast cancer patients received more than $1.8 million of emergency aid since the 2015 launch of the Pink Aid Pink Purse fund?

You dumb slut

You thought I wouldn't have graphics? You are so fucking stupid.

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Oh what's that? You aren't really a breast cancer awareness type of guy? You identify more as a fan of The Yak… 

Oh my godddd, I'm sooooo sorry why didn't you just say so… 

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Well Suck On This!

No, but really, I don't want you to feel pressured. Just know that it's a very good charity. The guys over at Pink Aid are doing amazing things for breast cancer patients. It would genuinely mean a lot to us, to them, and to the breast cancer patients in need of your help if you purchased some Breast Cancer Awareness Merch from the Barstool Sports Store. There's some really cool stuff in there.