No Matter What Happens This Flyers Season, John Tortorella Is Setting The Record For Dropping The Most F-Bombs In A Season

I hope that Torts can find a way to have some success here in Philly. I really do. I don't think he will. At least not right away. But I hope he does. 

In all reality, I think we know exactly what's going to happen this year. Torts is going to push these guys and he's going to make them play hard. They'll play hard enough to win some games, but they won't have enough talent to win a lot of them. So when the season wraps up, there will be the Flyers sitting comfortably in like...25th place. Completely out of the playoff race, and also completely out of the running to land the 1st overall pick in the draft to completely turn the franchise around with Connor Bedard. The Flyers have been abysmal the past couple of seasons and John Tortorella is too good and demanding of a coach to allow them to suck that hard again. So it'll be another classic season of mediocrity for the Orange and Black. 

But no matter what happens this season--whether the Flyers finish in the basement or somehow manage to turn this shit around and get into the playoffs--Torts is going to unleash a fury of F-bombs of the likes which we've never seen before. Just an insane volume of F-bombs from start to finish this season. This was his first meeting with the team. A clip that consists of about 2 minutes and 10 seconds of him talking. And somehow he managed to fit 7 F-bombs into that clip. That equates to somewhere roughly around 200 F-bombs per 60 minutes. If he continues that pace for a full 82-game season, we're looking at 16,400 F-bombs by the end of the year. That has to be a league record. 

So let's fucking set the fucking standard and let's fucking go flyers. 

P.S. -- That 25th place finish is going to kill me. I already feel myself getting sucked back into this team only to be let down with an 8th overall pick in the draft next summer. Goddammit.