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Watching Rex Ryan Attempt To Yodel On 'The Amazing Race' Is Why Reality Television Was Created


(1:30ish there on Youtube)

Tough break for Rex here. I've talked about it before but I love The Amazing Race. One of my favorite reality shows because 1) I'm a sucker for gameplay and trying to figure out the best path and 2) the strategy factor. I don't necessarily care about the specific challenges, but more so how teams attack it. It's why I know I'd beat that cocky Tommy Smokes out of the water in this game show vs something like Survivor. Well that, and I know how to drive on a highway. 

I still can't believe we saw Rex Ryan on the Amazing Race as a challenger. What a bizarre statement that sounded made up just a few years ago. Frankly I'm upset he's booted after 2 episodes. I mean, I want to see Rex fly around the world and have to run. You know he's going back to his playing days and laying someone out. He's too competitive not to get aggressive. I'll never forgive yodeling for taking that away from us. 

I know the show can't 'rig' events, but you can't ask Rex to do music early. Give the man a physical challenge. Let us watch him bungee jump or anything of that nature. Just flat out mean having him yodel and then trying to play some bells to figure out songs. The man is about snacks, feet and football. Ain't no music there. 

The only surprise so far this season is there isn't a true villain/hate team yet. It happens every season where a team gos off the rails. They try to fuck over alliances, they screw people with airplane tickets and then everyone who watches the shows turns on them. Need it to happen here. Shout out Rex though for giving it a go and everything else. 

PS: Never forget how mean some The Amazing Race used to be