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Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere: UMass AD Calls Out Boston College For Being Too Scared To Play Them In Basketball

This is what Twitter should be used for. Firing jokes, getting alerted about sports news, some smokes and calling out rivals. I'm confused as to why BC and UMass don't play each other. It's not like we're talking about two powerhouses here. Not like we're talking about two teams who people are dying to get on their schedule. You have a chance to play a rivalry game and actually get some buzz around the program. Do it. 

The only thing people say about Boston College is how much it sucks they are in the ACC. Shit, people forget about BC until it's Wednesday of the ACC Tournament and they are playing at noon in front of 941 people against like Clemson. As for UMass things are looking better. They brought in Frank Martin. That dude should be awesome at UMass. Noted stoolie Frank Martin that is. He's already doing the same thing bringing in some former players like Ricky Harris on staff. 

Frankly this is just a bad look for BC. You're not good enough to say no to teams like UMass. You can't run from a rivalry game when you haven't really been relevant since the Troy Bell and then Jared Dudley days. You can't run for 7 years. Just agree to a 2+1 home game or something. 

All I know is UMass has Frank Martin so now yous can't leave.