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Can't Blame UC Students For Doing What Any Bengals Fans Would Do - Film The Dolphins Practicing On Campus And Post Them To Twitter

Here we go again with another spygate. Now a little bit of background here. The Dolphins came up to Cincinnati early because of the Hurricane. That's how they end up practicing at Nippert Stadium on UC's campus. The key here is just that. Nippert is arguably the most accessible college football stadium in the country. It's right in the middle of campus. You have to walk through the stadium to get to some places. Basically anyone and everyone can show up there because it's a public stadium. 

 Naturally people are LOSING THEIR GODDAMN MINDS over this. Is it dumb to do this? Of course. Does it matter? Of course not. We're talking about a walk-through here. They aren't putting in new plays. They aren't going to reveal too much, not during a practice at somewhere like Nipper. Mike McDaniel is too smart for that. Honestly, I wish McDaniel started fucking around with the people watching. 

Calling out shit like super secret play and having Tua throw righty. You know that's something McDaniel would do. And while Zac Taylor made a Super Bowl, it's still the Bengals. I know they've moved on from Marvin Lewis, but there's a 100% chance his regime would fall for this. Worth still trying. 

Nothing here is compromised. Shit, the Dolphins had to know they were being watched. If not, that's on them. You have 532 people on the coaching staff, have someone there to keep an eye for spies especially on the road. That said, what an immediate excuse you have if they lose. Just blame spies and cry to Goodell. That and already looking forward to Jerry Thornton spinning this about the Pats. Wouldn't be shocked to see Jerry recording opposing team's practices if Cincinnati found a loophole. 

Just another day on the Internet.