Terrible Tampa Bay Area Company Run by Scientologists Refuses to Let Employees Evacuate During Hurricane Ian

"We are not closing, We are working. We'll make it super fun for the kids!" - Postcardmania CEO, Joy Gendusa 

PostcardMania is a company in Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is in the Tampa area. The city has declared a state of emergency, as Hurricane Ian is the worst hurricane to hit the area in over 100 years.

But that's not enough to stop PostcardMania. PostcardMania needs to continue servicing their national clients. If you work at PostcardMania, you are NOT to evacuate. If you have to leave your home, you simply bring your entire family (pets included) to the PostcardMania office and ride out the storm there. Don't worry, they have movies and games so it will be fun for the kids. 

A transcript of a recent company meeting, as well as an automated text sent to all employees was leaked to the media. They assured their employees to not be worried, as Jason will be blowing up air mattresses.

I went to their website to learn a little more about PostcardMania. They're a company that does junk mail. So it's safe to say that by continuing to work, they are actively making the world a worse place.

“Obviously you feeling safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance, but I honestly want to continue to deliver and I want to have a good end of quarter.” 

Aww do you need to have a good end to your quarter? Has your terrible & stupid business that provides a service literally nobody wants been under performing? You can't afford to not have eyes on all 320 of your employees for 40 hours a week? Maybe have a better business then.

"We would like to continue to service our national clients." - 

Yes I'm sure you would. But I promise you, your business is not that important. I can't think of a less essential business than a junk mail company. I think SmileDirect will understand if they don't get their 10% off your first tooth cleaning flier to every home in Minnesota for the first week of October.

“And when [the hurricane] turns into nothing, I don’t want it to be like, ‘Great, we all stopped producing because of the media and the maybe that it was going to be terrible.’”

FAKE NEWS!! That always plays. But why would they even have to stop producing? How is your company not set up to work remotely by now? Is your entire company working on desktops and rotary phones? I guess they are in Florida, so that sort of checks out. They never had to deal with Covid, so they probably didn't do the whole work from home thing. 

What if I told you Joy Gendusa, the CEO of PostcardMania, is a devout Scientologist? And that 25% of the company identify as Scientologists? I'm not sure why, but somehow that makes this whole thing make more sense. 

The thing is, they're probably right. They say PostcardMania is built to withstand Category 5 winds, so I'm sure it is pretty safe. But hurricanes are scary man. Companies all across Florida are allowing their employees to take off, or work from home. Because even if there's a 90% chance it turns into nothing, it's still not worth risking it for some postcards. You're going to be worse off in a month when half your employees leave for jobs that treat their employees better.

Nothing gets me fired up more than companies making their employees work in anything less than 100% ideal conditions. Is there a possibility of snow around 2pm? Shut down the company! I've drove to work in an inch of snow praying to get trampled by a semi-truck slipping on ice just so I could be like, "DO YOU SEE WHAT I AM RISKING TO WORK FOR YOU?!" 

I remember when Covid first started, the company I worked for had us come into the office on Monday. The minute I heard that one of my friend's employers told them to stay home, I had never felt more wronged in my life. Sure it had nothing to do with Covid, and it was entirely rooted in me wanting to go home so I could start putting in as little work as possible, and start spending 75% of my day writing blogs on JohnRichTV.com for upwards of 20 people to read. But… well shit.. now I'm literally making this company's point. People do take advantage of working from home. But hey, if you're dealt a hand like Covid (or Hurricane Ian), you play the cards you're dealt.

Bottom line is, your company is going to be fine. Your employees are scared. Is it really worth them resenting you, and probably having a bunch of them quit or start looking for other jobs because you couldn't take your eyes off them for 5 days in the midst of a category 4 hurricane? Doesn't seem like it. 

Please send Jason home. He shouldn't be stuck at the office all night blowing up air mattresses. He should be at home watching tentacle porn with his 3 wives and 16 children (I'm not sure what Scientologists do).

PS -- Since the transcripts & texts were leaked to the public, PostcardMania has backtracked, and claims they are now allowing their employees to evacuate if they wish. So pat yourself on the back internet, you won this round.