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FOX Sports Reporter Sara Walsh Threatens Divorce After Finding Out Her Husband (The Blue Jays Bullpen Coach) Caught Judge's Prized 61st HR Ball And Just Gave It Back To Him

Talk about a whirlwind of emotions last night. Not just for Aaron Judge, but for FOX Sports reporter Sara Walsh. One second you're down in Florida battling a hurricane, hoping the roof of your home doesn't get blown any second. You're getting texts left and right from people all over hoping you're okay and nothing serious happens. The next moment everyone is tweeting about your husband snagging Judge's 61st home run ball because it landed in the Blue Jays bullpen. 

Jackpot right? 

All you've heard over the last few days is how much of a schmuck the kid who caught number 60 was after he gave up the ball for just some signed memorabilia. Alright things could be worse, you could be dealing with this hurricane and your husband could also not have the Judge jackpot homer ball. Let's cash that sucker in and have some fun. 

Not so fast!

I've certainly heard worse reasons for divorce and/or murder. Like sure is your husband viewed as the absolute dickhead of all dickheads if he doesn't give the ball up? No question. Is he the talk of every sports show across the country today and villainized by the masses as this selfish prick who denied Judge and his family the ball? 100%, but hey, how's two million dollars sound? Enough to block out the haters? Sara Walsh is in the thick of sports media. She very well knows how much money Aaron Judge is about to make this coming offseason. He can get the ball back no problem if he just coughs up some cash first. Nope, her husband Matt Buschmann gave it back for a pat on the back. Incredible. 

After talking to him, Walsh gave him some good shine on Twitter for being the hero. 

Her husband's selfless act did give us this moment after the game. 


Still, you know deep down she wishes he kept the damn thing. There's an alternate reality where they are a whole lot richer and happier than how they actually woke up today. 

Fantastic to watch this play out behind the scenes as the sports world fixated on Judge, his teammates, and family all reacting to the momentous occasion. Interesting enough the Blue Jays didn't trust giving the ball to some random security guard. 61 from Judge is a big fucking deal and you never know who can turn at any moment. 

The wrong security guard gets his hands on that ball and he may turn in his uniform at that very moment and just walk out of the Rogers Centre with the prized possession.

Any who, here's a final last look at the once happy couple. Torn apart because Aaron Judge is really good at baseball.