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Watch: This Call of Duty Sniper Sounds EXACTLY Like The Intro To "My Milkshakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard"

I mean that's just fucking wild. What more can you say about it?

I can't unhear that sound and I can't stop watching this video. Does this sniper truly bring the boys to the yard? Guess we'll have to wait until MW2 drops to really see.

Giphy Images.

Sniping in MW2 was really underwhelming. The ADS speed of the snipers was REALLY slow. There's one marksman rifle called the "Lockwood" (shoutout Hank) that was the MK2 Carbine from MW 2019/Warzone. Had a ton of fun using that, but the snipers itself were ehhhh.

Third person sniping tho >>>