The CIA Has Invested In Wooly Mammoth Resurrection Tech Just In Time For World War III

“Why the interest in a company like Colossal, which was founded with a mission to “de-extinct” the wooly mammoth and other species?” reads an In-Q-Tel blog post published on September 22. “Strategically, it’s less about the mammoths and more about the capability. Biotechnology and the broader bioeconomy are critical for humanity to further develop. It is important for all facets of our government to develop them and have an understanding of what is possible,” Colossal co-founder Ben Lamm wrote in an email to The Intercept.

A HUGE day for the wooly mammoth community (there's approximately 4 of us currently in it). Love this move by the CIA. It's the smart thing to do. We have talked to the scientists and founder of this company Colossal who is trying to bring back the Wooly Mammoth. Very interesting guys who are passionate about biology and the climate and doing cutting edge science. 

The CIA statement said that they were basically just investing in the tech. "We just want to know what is possible?"--CIA. 

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The one thing I know about the CIA is that they basically lie about everything. So if they say it's not really about the mammoths that means it is 1000% about the mammoths. The CIA is probably looking at the intel of the world in front of them. They can read the news. They know there is a mad man in charge of Russia with aims of reclaiming sovereign countries into Mother Russia. There might be a day where NATO countries need to invade Russia to put a stop to this. If there is one thing history says beyond a shadow of a doubt it's that Russia has the greatest homefield advantage in the history of warfare. The only people to topple the Russians were the other Russians. Napoleon…failed. Hitler…failed. They had better armies. Better tech. Better everything and lost. The one thing they didn't have…a Wooly Mammoth cavalry division. Tanks get stuck in the mud. Mammoths don't. The CIA knows that. Mammoths are coming back as an instrument of war. 

If you want to hear what the scientist who are behind this project have to say about the mammoth you can catch the full dogwalk ep with them here.