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Northwestern Unveiled The Designs For Their New Stadium And It Looks INCREDIBLE


There isn't a person on earth who doesn't like a good ol' fashioned new stadium rendering. I'm the biggest sucker on earth for them. Seriously LOVE them. Feed em to me. No idea why, but I am. The only 2 things on earth I'm a bigger sucker for are White Sox baseball, who obviously stink and Northwestern Football, who also stink (right now). 

As the biggest non-Alum Northwestern fan on planet earth, I am pissed off right now. They just lost to SIU (yes, FCS SIU) and MAC's B1G team Miami of OH in back to back weeks and staring down the barrel of what could be a 1-8 B1G season. This is on the heels of the White Sox putting together the most mediocre season in the history of mediocre seasons. 

Now, Northwestern has proven PLENTY over the last 10+ years that they can compete with just about anyone in spite of two things:

1. The highest academic standards outside of Stanford in P5
2. Dog shit facilities

Now, they have one of the very best practice facilities in the entire country

and what will be a SWEET new stadium. Now they have absolutely no excuses to not be in the conversation for B1G West champos on a PERENNIAL basis, and I mean that when I say it. Even though they stink right now, recruits have taken notice to the new stadium design, as they've put together their best recruiting class ever, per Rivals:

And I know this can be contradictory, but they can also use their academic standards as a recruiting pitch. "Hey look, you'd have no shot getting into this school if it weren't for football, but now you can have a WORLD CLASS education (for free) make money on your NIL which we have partnerships to help with, and now you'll be playing in brand new facilities which are near the top of conference if not country"

What I'm saying is this: Northwestern is about to be the Bama of the midwest. Kidding. Hopefully they can be Jim Harbaugh & Stanford level of good year over year. That would be sick as fuck and it's absolutely doable. Let's ride