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Rita Ora Poses Naked In Bathtub, What Does It Mean?

The stunningly beautiful Yugoslavian actress caught herself in a candid moment at her home in Primrose Hill this morning. The pictures features a fully bare Rita Ora in a freestanding moon tub, full of bright pink water. 

Rita Ora stans have been in a tizzy since the cryptic photos surfaced online. Orals on Twitter were quick to point out that the stream flows clear from her golden spigot, implying something foreign was added to Oras bath water. What exactly that substance is, is unknown. It is unlikely Ora would opt for a bath if she suffered from an open wound. Gash blood is best dealt with in a shower, or by applying pressure from a rag or pad. 

The pink period was the early 2000's, when the color was popularized by gay rapper Cameron "Cam'ron" Giles who made a statement of equality when he arrived at NYC Fashion Week. He donned pink animal fur and flashed a pink Sony Ericcson. It is unlikely Ora would use pink as an aesthetic in 2022.

The pink water could be a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is coming up in October. But considering it's only September 28th, it would be a weird time of the month to post a breast cancer awareness photo.

Ora has long been vocal about her troubles with acne. It is possible that she is experiencing a breakout. But even if her pimples were popping, it wouldn't cause enough blood to fill the tub. Discharge from pimples is a mixture of pus and blood. To turn an entire bathtub pink would require an unrealistic amount of pus-blood.

Pink water aside, Ora seems to go through an attitude change between pictures. In the first pic, she has a sultry look on her face, whereas in the second picture, she looks irritated. It's almost like her mood changed suddenly in the midst of the shoot. That's uncharacteristic of Ora, as she typically goes with flow.

Finally, I couldn't help but notice that she does not have any sort of bath or shower mat on the floor next to the tub. If she doesn't lay a towel down underneath, that's going to cause a stain.

And before you even go there with me, it's not what you're thinking. Women in their late 30's have long since gone through menopause. Unless Rita Ora is some freak of nature, I think we can safely rule out that possibility.