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The Best & Smartest Trivia Players At Barstool Has Been Decided

The Dozen Season 3 is just a week away (CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS TO SEE THE DOZEN KICKOFF EVENT LIVE FROM PHILADELPHIA ON OCTOBER 4th)The first batch of rankings for the league were released yesterday, which you can find by clicking right here. The voting, done by you the fans, also included the options to help select the Preseason All-Dozen teams and our insider & correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the results and breakdown…

What's up, Scoops L'Aguirre here. Y'all had the chance to vote on the best players in The Dozen: Trivia Competition heading into Season 3. Here were the Preseason All-Dozen teams based on your voting results:

1st Team:
- Kirk Minihane (Team Minihane)
- Brandon Walker (The Experts)
- Nick Turani (Frank & The Frankettes)
- Rudy Junda (urMom)
- Chris Castellani (FLUX)

2nd Team:
- PFT Commenter (The Experts)
- Tommy Smokes (Uptown Balls)
- Clem (Team Zit)
- Large (Gen XYZ)
- Rone (The Yak)

3rd Team:
- Fran (The Experts)
- Chief (Team Chicago)
- KB (Frank & The Frankettes)
- Frank the Tank (Frank & The Frankettes)
- RDT (The Misfits)

All-Rookie Team:
- Francis Ellis (Big Screamin’ Honkers)
- Philly Mays (Boys Bois Boyz)
- Chris Klemmer (Flux)
- Murls (Everybody Rides)
- Big T (Macrodosing)

Notable Takeaways:

- The Experts have a ton of love as the original flagship team, and the Frankettes are both the fan favorites and the best team in Dozen history record-wise. Thus, it is no surprise that these two teams had all three players make the All-Dozen teams. While KB & Fran may not average the most points per match, her mastery of Celebrity Mashup and his Geography prowess is at such an elite level that they are like the Klay Thompsons of The Dozen.

- Kirk, Nick, Rudy, and Castellani are clear first-teamers as they fall into the bucket a MVP candidates and some of the highest scorers in the league.

- Despite coming off a championship, Uptown Balls only got one player on the All-Dozen Team, Tommy Smokes, as a 2nd-Teamer. Glenny Balls should have received more consideration for his killer Entourage and his skills in Celebrity Mashup and Chain Restaurants.

- Large is a two-time 1st Team All-Dozen member, but received a little disrespect going into Season 3, as he drops down to the 2nd Team for the Preseason.

- RDT made a massive impression on fans as a replacement player last season as he makes the 3rd Team now that he is an official Misfit. This is quite a big amount of pressure for someone who had a lot of offseason shit talk on social media to his fellow competitors. Can he live up to the hype?

- The three biggest snubs from the All-Dozen Teams must be Reags, Mark Titus, and Big Cat. Reags was the best player on the Season 1 runner-up Misfits, and he was a Top 5 scorer before trading himself to Out of Office last season. Big Cat missing out is likely due to him splitting votes with Rone, who made the 2nd Team. Smockin is the best team without a player on the All-Dozen team, and Titus is their top scorer.

- The All-Rookie Team is rather interesting, let's go line-by-line:

  • Francis Ellis (Big Screamin’ Honkers)
    • Francis easily has the highest expectations, as a man of Harvard. While he is already softening his expectations, I do think he will do well at The Dozen, not for his book-smart skills, but his pop culture knowledge.
  • Philly Mays (Boys Bois Boyz)
    • New producer of Pardon My Take, but a mainstay around the office for a little while, Philly Mays is a big-time sports fan and I think he has a big chance to impress out of the gates. He's also Bat Girl.
  • Chris Klemmer (Flux)
    • Klemmer might be 1B to the 1A which is Francis' lofty expectations. The former Kirk Minihane Show personality, and now rival of Podcast Jesus, feels confident in his strong knowledge of sports and pop culture dating back a few decades. I expect big things from Klemmer, but opening up against Kirk Minihane could spell early doom for the new Barstool employee.
  • Murls (Everybody Rides)
    • I think Murls is being slept on, personally. He did make the All-Rookie Team, but the Spittin Chiclets personality and former NHL'er is a fucking wagon with sports, and should have received even more votes in the poll.
  • Big T (Macrodosing)
    • Technically, Big T has played before, but never for an official team, so he gets a spot on this team. Big T has a very wide range of knowledge in both sports and pop culture, so he could also be a quiet wrecking ball in the Rookie category.

There you have it! The Preseason All-Dozen Teams with less than a week away until Season 3 kicks off. Did anyone else get snubbed from the lists? Sound off below!

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We will release the preseason All-Dozen Teams tomorrow!