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There Can't Be A Single Eagles Fan On God's Kelly Green Earth Who Would Even Think About Booing Doug Pederson This Sunday

Doug Pederson makes his return to Philly this weekend and there's currently this "will they, won't they" about whether there will be cheers or boo's for Doug from the Philly fans. Personally I think there are currently way more people saying "anybody who boo's Doug Pederson on Sunday doesn't deserve to be an Eagles fan" than anyone who would actually think about booing the guy. Where 100% of the Philly fans are against something that 0% of the fans even intended on doing in the first place. 

It was never going to be an issue to begin with, but now that we've brought up the possibility? Well this might just be the most important game ever for Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. Because now everybody will be looking out for it. Now the audio folks at CBS will be looking to amplify any single boo they pick up in the broadcast and make it sound like 60,000 ungrateful Philly scumbags are lambasting the guy who brought us our only Super Bowl ever. So every Birds fan at the Linc on Sunday needs to be on their best behavior. 

It doesn't matter if his time in Philadelphia didn't necessarily end as amicably as possible. Because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will send this season straight to hell like picking up some brutal sports karma like booing the guy who finally had us drunk on Broad St for a full week.  The Eagles are 3-0. Jalen Hurts looks like an MVP candidate so far. The wide receivers are the best this franchise has had in damn near 20 years. The defense is menacing. Everything is going our way 

But if you boo Doug Pederson on Sunday? All of that goes to shit. We get cursed to oblivion. Like I mentioned before, I think this is a case where 100% of the fans are all saying to not do something that 0% of the fans intended on doing anyway. But just to make it even more abundantly clear, Doug Pederson deserves to get cheered for so hard on Sunday that it's borderline uncomfortable. Cheer that man's dick off. Let Jalen lead the men to 4-0. And then let's get some ice cream. 

Go Birds.