Eggo And Pop Tarts Teaming Up Is The Breakfast Version Of Kevin Durant Joining Steph Curry And The Warriors

Is that headline a bit much? It seems like a bit much. But I truly do mean it though. Perhaps Marlo joining The New Day Coop in The Wire is a better reference, even though it's more niche.

Bet you didn't see a couple of scenes from The Wire coming when you clicked on a blog about snacks.

Nonetheless, Eggo and Pop Tarts are the Top 2 breakfast foods for people on the go and seeing them take the choice of which you want to go with in the morning was a monstrous moment in the breakfast industry. I admittedly wasn't a huge Eggo guy growing up. But as a father of two kids I'm responsible for feeding then shipping out of the house every single school day, Eggo is literally my best friend in the world right now and the only reason I have any brain cells left during that glorious car ride home after I drop them both off.

So check out our takes on this breakfast superteam and a sincere thank you to everyone that has hit me up with kind words about Snackin Off returning on the KFC Radio YouTube. It's great to be back.