Weathermen Need To Get Over Themselves And Go Back Inside

It's hurricane season. That means lots of rain, wind, and pompous weathermen who think they are more important than the weather.

You think you're more important than the weather? The Weather!

They are Weather …men. The key word here is weather. Weather comes first. Without weather, they are just men. Yet they continue to put themselves in front of the weather, literally. They do it everyday on green screens in the studio. They block half of the screen with their body just so they can point to a number we already see. They're so vain.

Then hurricane season hits and the weather becomes major news. You would think the weathermen would just be happy that they get some extra airtime. But no, that's not good enough. Like a petulant child, they run outside into the storm so they can be the center of attention. It's no longer about the wind and rain. It's "Hey look at me, the brave weatherman, withstanding the wind and rain." While at the same time telling us common folk that we should stay inside because the conditions are just too rough. As if they are trained stuntmen that know how to safely get hit in the face by a flying street sign.

Hey Jim, we appreciate you putting your life on the line for absolutely no reason, but please go back inside. We can see the weather just fine without you out there. Take a look at the traffic reporter. You don't see them dodging speeding cars on the highway, do you? No, because the traffic report isn't about them. It's about the traffic. 

Be more like the traffic reporter OR If you really want to fight the conditions and face true downpours, go into another field. The field of battle! I'm talking War Weatherman. Be a real hero and tell us All Is Quiet On The Western Cold Front.

Shoutout to one of the worst weather reports ever about Hurricane Matthew back in 2016. Really super helpful stuff there, Shepard.