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It's Not Hailey Bieber's Fault That Justin Bieber Fell In Love With Her After Dating Selena Gomez, And People Need To Get Over It

As I said yesterday, the Hailey Bieber CHD interview came out today and it shed light on a lot of things that we've all been wondering for years. Namely - what the fuck is the deal with Selena Gomez's fans who just cannot get over the fact two teenagers broke up, and now one of them is married to someone else.

I think this interview was a good depending on what you wanted out of it. I'm fully under the impression that Hailey wanted to go on record and talk about all of this (how she grew up, adjusting to this life of extreme fame after her marriage, their complicated conversations with Selena) and finally give herself a real voice on the matter. She talks a lot about her family, her childhood, and how she's now in therapy and learning a lot about herself. One of the more interesting parts of the interview, she talks about how therapy helped her to have more open conversations with her mom about growing past the point of not liking confrontation, and how its affected Hailey in her adult life. She defends her decision to get married so young, and discusses her devotion to her faith while also living her life the way she wants to. They even get into a little sex talk at the end (because it is a sex podcast after all) and Hailey reveals that she's a doggy style girl. (I almost made the title of this blog "Hailey Bieber Reveals She Likes It Doggy Style With Justin Bieber," which would be total clickbait, so I decided against it in case Hailey ever wants to be BFF with me.) It obviously is now trending on Twitter now.



All in all, I feel like I learned a lot about Hailey in a deep way as opposed to superficial questions about her current job and the influence she's had in fashion. Those are cool things too, but the purpose of this interview it seems for Hailey, was to get a lot of bullshit off her chest.

A few years ago Hailey had to put out a PSA to all of the people harassing her online over Justin and Selena, practically begging them to stop. While not mentioning her by name once during the interview, it speaks volumes that literally everyone knows who we're all talking about. They go on to discuss how fans of Justin and Selena feel as if they have some kind of hold over them, like they're owed something for the time invested in their teenage relationship. People grew attached to the idea of "staying with your first love," and in most cases, this isn't realistic. People grow and change, things happen, and they break up. Even celebrities. You'd think after four years of marriage people would finally accept that Justin is happy in his life with his WIFE, but if course the fucking loser trolls of the internet can't leave well enough alone. Hailey does go out of her way to acknowledge all of the people who have been supportive of her, noting that it isn't all bad, but that it's truly insane that people are still so hung up on something that is no longer. "The chapter is completely closed," she tells us, while also revealing that she has in fact had conversations with Selena within the past few years concerning all of the drama. Hailey explains that they are all on the same page, they all have a lot of respect for each other, and "if we can all get over it, why can't you!?" HEAR HEAR! We as fans, as an audience, have no idea what actually happened to these people in their lives. As someone who's job it is to report on celebrity news and have an opinion on it, I know the weight a stupid blog can carry when it comes to being hurtful. Mean comments and blatant, consistent harassment is unacceptable behavior in ANY scenario. 

All in all, Hailey Bieber seems like one of the most lovely people in the world. She's well spoken, sweet, considerate of other people's feelings, and endlessly respectful. I hope after people see this they start to lighten up. Clearly Justin is in a good place with her, and the love and work they've put into themselves and their relationship is admirable. A lot of people, especially in Hollywood, give up when the going gets rough. These two are living up to their vows, to always love and support each other through the good and the bad. I think its beautiful and inspirational, and we should all be wishing them the absolute best.