Coaching 101: Israel's U-21 Manager Uses A Break To Slap His Own Player For Not Listening To Him

[Source] - Israel managed to qualify via a 3-1 penalty shoot-out win after a goalless draw in regulation and extra time.

Luzon, who was appointed as Israel U21 boss earlier this year, was pictured slapping Morgan just before extra-time commenced, seemingly incensed that his instructions were not being carried out.

This is just some good old-fashioned coaching right here by Guy Luzon. I bet Ziv Morgan and the rest of the Israel team will listen to him from here on out. No one wants to get slapped. It's like when we were kids and got threatened with soap in the mouth, spanking or something of that sort. You didn't fuck up again. You got your shit together and went about your day with a little bit of fear dripping down your leg.

And you can't say this didn't work for Israel too. They won! I'm convinced the slap is the reason they won. Now, sure, it happened in the last few minutes of the match but maybe this is what got them to penalty kicks. I can't say I'm really up to date on my European U21 action so I didn't watch the match. I just know that Israel won after the slap. 

Respect to Morgan too. He took it like a champ. A little bit of a flinch but kept on talking. Don't let it impact you. Just keep your debate about how you did something right and blame it on a teammate. That or just say okay because you know your coach won't pay attention anyways.