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The Pitiful Miami Marlins Are Begging Mets Fans to Attend Their Series Next Week to Root Against the Braves

Nobody is mistaking the Miami Marlins for a proud franchise, but even for them, this is embarrassing.

With nothing to play for and presumably no fans looking to show up to the last series of the season — not that any fans show up to any other series throughout the year — the Marlins put out an advertisement begging Mets fans to come to LoanDepot Park next week to root against the Braves. If I was a Marlins fan and saw my team asking fans of a division rival to invade our ballpark to hopefully help win a division Miami has never won, that would rub me the wrong way. I don't know how many marketing people this had to go through, but it clearly wasn't enough.

I wonder if the Marlins would have done this if it was the Braves in town instead of the Mets or if they saw an opportunity to attract fans of a fellow pathetic franchise who would jump at the chance to hopefully dethrone the defending champs. Either way, this is a more pathetic look for the Marlins than I could have come up with if I was trying to make them look pathetic.

How many more tickets is this going to sell, anyway? Five hundred? However many it is, I guarantee you it's not enough to take this kind of a beating on social media. That's the Marlins for you, though.

And unlike the Mets this week, I don't foresee the Braves having too much of a problem with Miami regardless of whose fans are in the ballpark.