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Fan Invades The Field So Messi Can Sign His Back, Sets The New Standard For Adult Autograph-Seekers

Arguing about adult-autograph seekers has been the topic here for a little bit now. Frankly I don't get it. Why do you want an autograph as an adult besides to sell it for money? That's not love of the game. Autographs should be for the love of the game ... and kids. That's the key. Adults don't need autographs, it's just weird. 

But this? If you're going to be the weirdo to go demand autographs this is the only acceptable way to do it when you're over the age of like 14. Work for it, like you do with everything else in life. No more sending kids to do your dirty work. No more yelling and standing in line. You need the thrill of getting onto the field and being able to hold onto that Sharpie as you do so. 

Hilarious that Messi just didn't give a shit either. Oh you want your back signed? Here you go. And hey, security, take it easy man. Almost took Messi out. Imagine if Messi was banged up going to the World Cup because of a security tackle in New Jersey like this? Brutal. Gotta be easy out there. Let the man get his autograph, he knew the deal. He was ready to get tackled once Messi dotted that i. 

Oh and it's not lost on me that it's Messi. This is why he's Messi and not Ronaldo. Ronaldo? He would have taken a dive for sure at the minimum. Maybe would have even slapped the guy, but he tends to keep that for kids with phones. No chance Ronaldo would have signed this guy back after scoring a goal. That's because it's always about Ronaldo with Ronaldo. He would have to do his celebration and go crazy. Messi just wins, cares about fans and scores goals. GOAT.