It Sounded Like A Murder - What Actually Happened Outside My House Last Night

Lacie Slezak. Unsplash Images.

Last night I was sitting in my home around 11:30pm, blogging my Dog Walk Draft Grades column that I do every week when I heard a terrifying noise. We have the windows cracked so I could hear super loud noises outside, fairly clearly from my house. It sounded as if there was a murder taking place and someone was screaming for their life. I raced to the windows of the room and noticed an animal scurrying around in the street and on some people's lawns. It was just one of them and I was unable to identify what type of animal it was as I'm Steve Cheah, not Steve Irwin.

But I did whip out my phone and take an audio recording of the noises. I then mixed those with a stock photo of somewhat similar of an animal to what I saw. It was small to medium sized. Four legs and had a bushy tail. Was it a Raccoon? They are known for being active at night, which would line up. But I had YouTubed a bunch of Raccoon screams and they didn't seem to match.

I honestly had no idea so I posed the video to see what the twitterverse had to say about it.

The results were a mix of funny and not helpful.


The leader in the club house right now is a fisher cat

Apparently these animals called Fisher Cats make these screams. I did some research and it's basically a dead ringer.

But we also haven't ruled out a fox. Look at this YouTube video (the scream will start 2-3 seconds into the video)

This is being categorized as an unsolved mystery at this point. Robert Stack is no longer with us (RIP) so I really need some help here. Sound off in the comments with any tips on what it is or if I need to do anything!