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When I'm Rich I Plan On Eating Omakase Every Single Day



I'm not a rich man. I mean, I'm not poor, I own over 1 bitcoin, but right now that means nothing. Hopefully when I go back and read this blog in a few years I laugh from my luxury yacht. It's actually bullshit that Bitcoin damn near tickled the taint of $70k and now hovers around $20k like a god damn asshole. Like, go back up dude, I'm trying to buy things and go places. 

What would I buy if Bitcoin was $100k+? Probably nothing crazy, just like, a house with a yard so my yet to be adopted dog named Rocco could run around. I'd like to buy a few more pairs of shoes without feeling guilty about it. And I'd like to eat Omakase for damn near every dinner until I got mercury poisoning. 

Listen here- I love food. I love cheeseburgers. I love nachos. I love BBQ, and I love pasta. I love sandwiches, and I love soups. Shit, I don't even mind salads. Honestly, one of my favorite foods in the world is simply chips and salsa. I LOVE chips and salsa. I actually prefer pico. That actually raises a debate I've had- are pico and salsa the same thing? Like if you're at a restaurant and you order the chips and salsa and they brought you pico, would you be like "what the fuck, I wanted salsa!"? I much prefer pico over the blended tomato stuff commonly called salsa. 

But anywho, you get my drift. I love food and pretty much every type. It's a miracle I'm not 400 pounds. Sure that would give me more job security, but I actually prefer putting in an honest day's work so it's all good. But recently I have discovered my favorite type of food, and that is the pleasantry of Omakase.

"What is Omakase?", you might be wondering. The best definition I found was it is "a form of Japanese dining in which guests leave themselves in the hands of a chef and receive a meal which is seasonal, elegant, artistic and uses the finest ingredients available". It's basically fancy sushi. And I know I didn't mention it in the above, but I absolutely love sushi. I eat it weekly. It's wonderful. But Omakase? My heavens. It's a level above. It's not just a level above sushi, it's a level above all foods. It's simply the best type of food available, and it's a gosh darn shame it's so freaking expensive because I crave it nonstop.

I've eaten fancy meals before. Not all the time, of course. But here and there I like to treat myself to a little naughty boy restaurant with the good napkins and multiple forks. Unfortunately I don't make Tommy Smokes money so I can't make a habit out of it, but while living in NYC I've tried to go to nicer places here and there, though it still is very, veryyyyyy more far and few between than I'd wish. But when I eat at those places, nothing can compare to the Omakase meals I've had. Not a nice steak house, not home-made Italian, not even the freshest chips and salsa. Watching the sushi chef slice a beautiful piece of fish right in front of your eyes and then go to town making it a magical piece of art that melts in your mouth is as good as it gets. A few glasses of wine with 17 pieces of fish, presented to you one at a time with all sorts of truffles and flavors that I wouldn't even know how to describe, absolutely nothing can top it. 

If eventually Bitcoin goes back up or Dave accidentally gives me a sliver of equity, there won't be a piece of raw fish in NYC without my name on it. I feel bad for the lil fellas but as they say, if god didn't want us to eat them, he wouldn't have made the little fuckers taste so god damn delicious. The same way Dave eats pizza, that'll be me eating 40-day aged Toro.

My favorite two spots so far are Sushi Ishikawa (I went to the one on the UES) and Sushi Blossoms in Chelsea (pictured). If anyone has a suggestion on where to go next let me know. And if you are a sushi fan and haven't treated yourself to Omakase, it's worth it. Save your pennies and treat yourself, you won't regret it.