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David Dobrik Claims He Shouldn't Be Responsible For The Jeff Wittek Incident Because The Risks Of The Excavator Stunt Were Known

I first want to say that this Ethan guy is kind of a loser. He always tries to get into with Dave and Dave ends up dummying everything he says. Always says that BFFs is trying to make them pay for the videos they show from their podcast which is just never true, so fuck that guy. This blog isn't about him, I am going to sum up this lawsuit really fast for everyone.

Everyone knows that Jeff Wittek almost lost an eye during an excavator stunt for David Dobrik's YouTube. David was in control of the machine so Wittek ended up suing him for 10 million dollars. He made a whole documentary on it, had to deal with a ton of things and almost went blind, so naturally he thinks David is responsible for it. 

TMZ - "David Dobrik says he shouldn't be held responsible for any injuries suffered by a YouTuber in a social media stunt gone wrong ... claiming the guy knew what he was signing up for." 

I honestly think there is a lot more to both of their stories. I think it is all built up for all the years they did videos. They obviously both don't like each other so they are pinning it on this incident. To be apart of this stunt I think you have to know what you are signing up for though. A lot of these influencers started awhile ago and got huge so a lot of egos go into this. David is thinking that he put on Jeff so he should be thankful while Jeff is feeling like he gave everything to this guy and almost went blind so he deserves something. People are going to comment they don't care but I know a lot of people want to be updated on this shit.