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Do I want to bet on the NHL preseason? Yes and here is why.  If you know what you are looking for it can be very profitable but also is a nice way to ease back into the NHL season. Preseason is a great look at some young players that could be a few years away from the show but also see the veterans playing pond hockey.

This is a blog that will have: 

  1. Game and time

  2. Highlight a player

  3. Game Notes

  • Murls’ Best Bet

  • So here we go…. Remember this is preseason hockey so tread carefully.

    GAME: Tampa Bay Lightning at Carolina Hurricanes

    TIME: 7:00 P.M.

    Player to watch:  Malte Strömwall - 28-year-old Swedish international returns to North America after spending the last 4.5 seasons in Finland and the KHL. Has shown an ability to find the back of the net overseas so it will be interesting to see if he can pot a few in the preseason and be a real dark horse to make the big club out of camp. One-timer on the PP from the flank tonight for the first goal would be nice to see.

    Check the game notes: When betting the preseason it's mandatory to check rosters to know which players are suiting up for each team.  Another important piece of information EBR is looking for is who is between the pipes but not only what goalie is starting, but will he play the entire game? I have this confirmation from Coach Brind'Amour that Freddy will go the whole 60 minutes and no one wants to play the extra for OT. 

    Now speaking of Rod the Bod, who we all know is a workout fanatic, this tidbit is a good one since he runs a tough camp and the players are going to be in shape.  Rod will be checking the body fat on players and if his is lower than yours that is not a good start to the season. The Canes will be ready to push the pace.  

    Tampa is headed North for the foreseeable future, as a real hurricane is headed their way and the lineup tonight is not the one that we have seen in the last 3 Stanley Cups. The big dogs have the night off as they are all easing into this season while skating during camp and attending Buccaneers games. They will not be dressing up for an exhibition on a Tuesday night in Raleigh.  The young guys will be looking to make an impact but this will be not enough.

    Murls' BEST BET:   Hurricanes 3-way -118 

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