Hugh Jackman Will Apparently Return As Wolverine For Deadpool 3

This is kind of insane for a two big reasons. 

1. Hugh Jackman is 53 and Wolverine is about as physically demanding a role as there is in the superhero world. 

2. As bad as some of the pre-MCU marvel movies were, Jackman was always the best part of it. Plus, he gave the character the best swan song in the world in 'Logan' which I have as one of the top-5 superhero movies ever made.

3. This requires that either the MCU is willing to dedicate to 53 year old Jackman for their biggest character acquisition (they aren't) or that this is some sort of cameo.  

But at the same time, I think Reynolds and co. are self aware enough to know that this can't be a joke or it will piss off the fans a LOT. So it basically has to be real which is bizarre. For Deadpool 3, which is a little far off in the horizon, this is a great pop for their entry into the MCU and away from Fox. I assume that It will be some sort of cameo-type performance involving the multiverse which is still kind of cool. Not many actors were born for roles quite like Jackman was for Wolverine, so getting to see a P.S.S. for that character by giving him a taste of the MCU is actually kind of nice.