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Designers Are Now Shoving Models' Hands Into Filled Water Balloons And Using Them As Gloves During Fashion Shows

I'm usually the first person to defend stupid fashion trends and statements, but I can't get behind this one. I'm not respecting the art, I'm shitting all over this MORONIC idea of putting filled water balloons onto people's hands. What is this trying to "tell us"? What are we supposed to "feel" while seeing hand and water-filled balloons slinking up the runway? 

I'm over here busting my ass to defend the Met Gala costumes and fashion in general, trying to culture all of the swine who live on this website and convince them to appreciate something a little out of the ordinary. Vogue and "Botter" respond to my relentless efforts with THIS? After all I've done for you? After all of the hate tweets and shit talking in the comments? Shame on you. No way anyone could appreciate this kitschy, "viral" PR move. Fashion takes an L today. School will be back in session when they start earning our respect back.