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Soccer Is Life: Ana Maria Markovic Won't Quit The Sport To Make More Money Modeling And That's A Promise

[Source] - The stunning blonde already juggles her footballing career with part-time modelling gigs. However, despite the lucrative deals that could be made in the modelling world, Markovic is keen to stick to her first love when it comes to making money: football.

And it's hard to disagree with Markovic, who has impressed in her career. The winger, who plays for Grasshopper Club Zurich and the Croatian national team recently said when asked about switching to modelling: "I'd rather earn more money with what I love: football."

In the same interview, the same question was proposed to Markovic, would she rather be a model or sign for her favourite club - Premier League side Chelsea.

And without batting an eyelid, Markovic responded: "Definitely the contract with Chelsea of course!"

Hey I'll never make fun of someone for trying to live out their dream. I wish her dream was not playing for Chelsea. Be better than Alex Morgan and play for Tottenham instead. But if you think this is me making fun of Ana Maria Markovic for saying she won't quick soccer to be a model, you're wrong. Every person should chase their dream and let's be honest. She's also good. That's the key here. She plays for the Croatian national team. In fact there's proof of it: 

Such an elite jersey. It's up there for the best in any sport. Doesn't matter if it's Luka Modric or Ana Maria Markovic wearing it. That's as good as good gets in terms of jerseys. Makes me even more upset that the US has to change our jersey every year basically while Croatia, Italy, Argentina, France, etc get to keep theirs. We should keep ours. 

All I know is she can make money doing whatever. Keep modeling on the side, she's pretty good at that too! Dual threat some may say. I don't even know why I'm still writing words. You aren't reading them.