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Prince George Gets Bullied At School, Tells Bullies "Watch Out, My Dad Will Be King"


Do you even know who my father is?

Prince George warned classmates who were on his bad side that they better “watch out” because his father, Prince William, will one day be king, according to royal author Katie Nicholl. 

“My dad will be king so you better watch out,” the royal expert claims the future Monarch, 9, once said in her book, “The New Royals.”

According to The Daily Mail, Nicholl also writes about how George is very much aware that he will one day be king himself.

I muted the words like  "Meghan Markle", "Queen Elizabeth" and others based around the Royal Family because I just do nooooootttttttt carrrrreeeeee about them. They all seem like uppity twats and people talking about them ad nauseam makes me want to spike my phone. Who gives a fuck about the Royal Family unless you're a Brit? It makes zero sense to me. 

And this is the latest act of douchiness clouding the Royal Family. You fucking kidding my Billy? And yes, I'm calling him Billy. Not Prince William. Billy is a name reserved for kids named William that get bullied growing up for being massive pussies that can't fend for themselves. No fully functioning adult goes by Billy and that's just a fact of life. 

For instance I guarantee you the kid in the video below was named Billy:

This kid is almost as bad as Prince Andrew. Just a little douche with an inferiority complex that results to name dropping daddy any time conflict arises, and dudes that pull this move are the woooooooooorst. The. Worst. 

But to be fair and to play devil's advocate, maybe the reason I hate this move so much is because I'm not capable of pulling it in an honest matter. Take this as an example: It's Friday night. I'm walking into Barstool River North and lock eyes with Dave Portnoy. I'm wearing a hat because I don't want to intimidate people by showing off my hair, even though there's a "no hats after dark" policy at Barstool River North, which perfectly encapsulates the sort of people that follow Barstool Chicago. Dave tells me to take my hat off, thus exposing my luscious flow against my will. I tell him to fuck off, he snaps his finger at the bouncer, they forcibly remove me, and I resist their advances by screaming, "DO YOU KNOW WHO MY FATHER IS!!!" 

Ummm…. no, they don't. Because my dad works construction and doesn't even know the internet exists. So maybe I am projecting out of sheer jealously and envy? It's definitely a possibility. Why does my dad have to be such a bum? And why did he have to pass him bum genes down to me?