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Fuck Em! Pat Perez And His Wife Have Added Some INCREDIBLE New Home Decor Since Joining LIV Golf

Well… that's a message if I've ever seen one.

There's probably some people out there that are offended by this kind of thing, but I gotta applaud the Perezes (is that the plural of Perez? Feels right). Pound for pound there is nobody who has benefitted from this LIV Golf thing more than Pat Perez. Guy was in the twilight of a long and respectable PGA Tour career and was probably hoping to just squeeze another couple mil or so out of it before hanging em up. 

Then this thing comes along and drops a fat bag (around $25 milly iirc) in his lap AND he latches on to the best team by a wide margin with DJ, Talor Gooch, and Patrick Reed. The "4 Aces" have been CLEANING UP, winning 4 straight events and putting an extra $750k per event in Pat's pocket. Plus they're miles ahead of everyone else in the season long points standings.

I'm not really sure what the implications are of that, but I'm sure it's gonna be another fat payday for Pat. These other LIV Guys are suing the PGA Tour and spitting bullshit about "the good of the game" and Pat is over here just snaking it in ways we could only dream of. He's doing it right.

So who can blame him for building out his house with all kinds of "fuck em's". If I were him I'd mix in some "eat my ass's" and "suck my dick's" too. What a life that guy is living.