Bachelor In Paradise Premieres Tonight, ABC Is A Machine That Can't Be Stopped

WE'RE BACK! We over at Cutting Stems absolutely love BIP. It's a lot more loose, the drama is expedited, and everyone cries at one point or another. As usual, ABC has enlisted the workers who take zero days off to continue grinding their fingers to the bone to produce nonstop Bachelor Universe content, one week after the season finale of The Bachelorette. This season should be full of drama as usual, with a LOT of familiar faces coming back, and my Top 3 to watch carefully as they're most likely to blow up everyone's good time with a lot of bullshit:


Most recently on Gabby and Rachel's season, this man flip flopped halfway through the show and decided to pursue Gabby, after aligning with Rachel. He then disappeared out of nowhere because he had Covid? It was all really weird. I don't trust him.


Mean Girl #1 reporting for paradise! Shanae was a major bitch on Clayton's season, most famously the girl who tried to act like an ADHD diagnosis of another girl wasn't that big of a deal, and later lied to Clayton and pretended that all of the other girls had been bullying HER, not the other way around.


Hey girl!!! Haven't seen you in a while!! Lace was on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, and later got engaged to Grant Kemp on another season of Paradise. Third time's a charm! She quit 3 weeks into Ben's season, so Paradise seems to be the right setting for her to go all out. I'm hearing rumors that she pretends its her birthday for attention at some point? LOVE to see that.

Tune in tonight for the premiere at 8pm EST, and then to Cutting Stems immediately after on the CITO Youtube!