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Barstool Sports Is Anti-Adult Autograph Seekers And Mike Trout Did Nothing Wrong


Last night, Barstool Sports employee Jersey Jerry posted the above video onto his Twitter. In the video you can see two young children asking Mike Trout for an autograph, to which Trout replies, not today, sorry. In return, Jerry (a self-proclaimed adult autograph seeker) claimed that Mike Trout hates children. 

The replies and Quote Tweets began rolling in. Many of them calling Mike Trout a douchebag, an asshole, a dick, etc. 

But then people starting using their brains. Something was fishy about this video. Dante the Don was first on the scene:



And I thought, "hmm, interesting point", and I put on a Netflix documentary and went to bed.

Flash forward to this morning, when our fearless leader David "Dave" Portnoy QT'd Jersey Jerry and confirmed it- these kids are being used by their parents to collect autographs.



There are people who will only see Jerry's tweet and will never know that Trout wasn't denying the children, he was denying the father who made his kids stand outside of a hotel at 10pm on a school night to try and get an autograph. It's probably why we don't see many of these videos, because it's easier for the athlete to scribble his name than to get caught in a bad optics video with zero context like the one Jerry posted. With zero context it looks like Trout said "fuck them kids". In context he was taking a stand against adult autograph seekers.

Dave did more research and further confirmed his suspicions. 



Jerry has now issued an apology.




From this point forward, I think it's safe to say Barstool Sports 1) is pro-Mike Trout, and 2) is anti-adult autograph seekers (no offense JJ).



Ryan Whitney feels the exact same way:



Personally I've never understood the appeal of autographs. I think the autograph sensation is one of those unexplainable things- like why does someone writing their name on an object make the object worth more? It's fascinating to me. But at the same time, when you see a Mickey Mantle signed baseball, you know instinctually that it's simply worth more. One of those weird phenomenons. I'll never fully understand it, nor go out of my way for an autograph. 

So in conclusion, Mike Trout IS for the kids, Barstool Sports apologizes to Mike Trout on behalf of Jersey Jerry, and if you use your kid as a pawn, you stink. You absolutely stink.