CONSPIRACY: Google Had Brazil vs France Listed As This Year's Wold Cup Final Match Before Mysteriously Deleting It

[Source] - The World Cup final will take place in the Lusail Stadium on 18 December and for a few hours on Tuesday, Google revealed which sides would be competing in the showpiece.

In a strange mistake, the search engine claimed that Brazil would be playing France in the decider of the 2022 World Cup, with the two nations down to face off against each other at the Lusail Stadium on that date.

The match was listed under 'Lusail Stadium events' on Google, alongside the six group stage ties that the stadium is due to host alongside one game at each stage of the knockout rounds.

It is unclear why Brazil and France were generated to appear in the final match.

Google corrected the error hours later with the search results for 'Lusail Stadium events' no longer showing Brazil and France as finalists.

Normally I'd brush something like this off but 1) FIFA is corrupt as shit and 2) I fucking love sports conspiracies. That said, I don't care for this. I'm an American therefore I want Team USA there. I don't want to watch Brazil vs France. I don't need to see two giants compete for another title. At least mix it up and give me Messi and Argentina, get weird with it and put Qatar there, give me something besides this. On the plus side, at least it means England chokes again. Wouldn't be that shocking, Gareth Southgate is basically begging to be fired with how they've played lately. 

But I need someone to get to the bottom of this. This isn't just an accidental post. Someone put that there for a reason. It's very simple and common to put TBD for games that aren't announced yet. Now we have Google, clearly the most trustworthy outlet there since we all use it, putting Brazil vs France? Witchcraft at its finest. 


Save me the fact they are the two favorites (Brazil +450, France +650 on Barstool Sportsbook), something is fishy here. I believe in the frozen envelope. I believe in all the sports conspiracies. I'm adding this one to the list and will be keeping an eye on it. 

In the meantime, beat Saudi Arabia today. I can't have another bad game. Not when Gregg is putting out statements like this: