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Phil Mickelson (And Others) Have Pulled Out Of Their Lawsuit Against The PGA Tour

Well lookie here. Phil had said this was something he had been considering for a couple of weeks and now our guy Dan Rapaport's got the scoop. Phil and some of his boys are taking their ball and going home, so to speak.

Why you might ask? 

*Puts on lawyerin' hat*

Well the short answer is they probably don't want to have to go through the discovery phase. Or at least not directly. As plaintiffs of the suit, those players would have been forced to hand over all kinds of documents, statements, records, etc. Those things can still happen if the defendants (the PGA Tour) can compel the court that those things are pertinent to the case, it just makes it harder to do so. Or at least that's my understanding of the situation. 

With their decision, those players are giving up their right to financial compensation in exchange for a little more privacy and distance from the case. For a guy like Phil who has been known to say the wrong things publicly and behind closed doors, that's a probably a trade worth making. 

What doesn't help them is that their original involvement in the case probably gives the defendants some leverage in convincing the courts that those guys should be deposed and that their private information matters. 

It's safe to say that they were poorly advised to have ever been involved in the lawsuit from the jump. If LIV Golf was just going to fight the battle for you, why ever be involved in the first place? Bizarre. Either way, still a ton of potential for TREMENDOUS content if and when information from this case goes public.

PS: Gotta love a guy like Pat Perez, who has been so open and honest about taking the LIV bag for no other reason than the money and staying far far away from all the drama involved. Have a look at him and his wife's latest decor.