Upon Further Review, I Think Being Called A "Creep" Is The Worst Insult

I've been thinking about this draft since we did it last week. To be honest, I can't remember exactly who drafted "creep", but it wasn't me and it wasn't on my list but it should've gone 1-1 in the draft. Every other insult pales in comparison upon further thought. 

If you are a genuine creep NOBODY wants to hang out with you. Nobody. Girls, obviously, don't want to be around creeps. But if you're running with a creep then you are guilty by association. The creep stank can attach itself to anyone in proximity of the creep. You could be at a bar. Meet a group of girls. You could be talking to a girl and really hitting it off. If her friend comes over and saying "That guy Jim is being a creep" then the night is over. The girl you're talking to is OUT of the picture immediately. Creeps ruin everything. 

Every other insult on the list I can get over, I think. You call me a pussy, I'll scoff. You call me a cocksucker and I might take it as a compliment. Call me an asshole, and I'll probably think you're just being a pussy. You send me the clown emoji and I might ball my fists or type harder

You call me a creep and I want to call a lawyer. That is slanderous and that is a serious charge. 

People in the culture always seem to throw around the term "male privilege" these days. I am sure there is a degree of privilege that I benefit from as a man. We all have our own privileges. Having said's not male privilege. It's hot/successful male privilege that is a real thing. Something that I don't have as an average looking, dad bod having, middle class generic white guy. If I engaged in creep behavior everyone would know about it. If I were a hot rich guy with a boat I might be a douche bag, but people probably wouldn't call me out for being a "creep". Like look at Dan Bilzarian. That dude is 1000% a creep. Not a single doubt in my mind. He gets to act out being a creep because of the money, the fitness, the beard, the jawline, and the lifestyle he has cultivated. He becomes a douchebag, but nobody ever calls him a creep even though he would absolutely be called a creep if he looked more like a regular guy. I referenced the Tom Brady SNL skit which sums this up perfectly.

I'd suggest that even the hot rich dudes refrain from creep behavior, but they're always more likely to get away with it. Just look at that fucking cringy creep Adam Levine. People are having a field day with his texts that have been leaked by all of his various side pieces. But…he probably has like a 95% hit rate with his creepy DMs because he's Adam Levine. A rock and roll front man with loads of money and that stupid perpetually perfect 5 O'clock shadow that I would kill for. He's a creep and a hoe but he gets away with it forever because he's got hot/rich privilege. 


And now…even though he has everything going for him he will still now be known as a fucking creep forever and that will stain his reputation. It wasn't stained because he was a scumbag. People always get over that. It's stained because his DMs were creepy. He's a creep. Ew. The worst thing you can be. A fucking creep.