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The Upcoming 'Smile' Movie Is Spending Its Entire Marketing Budget Planting Smiling Freaks at Games Like a Bunch of Assholes

I'm so out on this movie it's insane. And not even because it looks creepy as hell, but because the entire marketing budget was spent essentially being assholes to people trying to have a good time at sporting events.

If you see a commercial for a movie and you decide it's not for you, great. You simply don't go see the movie. But what happens when the movie commercial comes to you in the form of a smiling freakshow planted next to you in your $3,000 seats at Yankee Stadium? Now we have a problem.

Imagine getting to the ballpark, arriving at your seats and an "actor" who's clearly as struggling as they come is next to you with that weird smile on her face for four hours. I'd go full Karen, I don't give a shit.

I have not seen a single television commercial or online advertisement for this film that's apparently coming out on Friday. They spent all their money on expensive seats to house these freaks in the hopes of going viral on TikTok. And credit to them, I guess, because it obviously worked to perfection. But that doesn't make it less of an asshole move.

Just put out TV commercials like a normal movie — or pay Harry Styles to be in it so all those sheep will go see it regardless of how terrible it is.