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An English Woman Spent 3 Days In The Hospital Because Her Chihuahua Took A Dump In Her Mouth While She Was Sleeping


A woman spent three days in hospital after her daughter's dog accidently did a poo on her face while she was asleep. Amanda Gommo, 51, was taking an afternoon nap with chihuahua Belle when the pooch became ill and had violent diarrhoea.

The mum-of-three was asleep with her mouth open, top and tailing with Belle, when the messy accident occurred, and some got in her mouth. She ran to the bathroom to be sick but later ended up in hospital with a gastrointestinal infection - passed on from her pooch.

I have the best dog on earth. Look at how handsome he is and try and tell me otherwise…

…You can't. 

But I'm going to say something that might come off as something one might find in the Red Ed "I Hate All Dogs" playbook; though dogs are the best… they're also huge assholes. Here are some of the moves my dog Ace has pulled:

- broke into a 3chi vile and downed about 100MGs of concentrated THC as a 40 pound puppy. That vet bill was about $600 and he was high for 2 straight days, even after getting hooked up to IVs and getting flushed out
- tried eating another dog's food at an overnight dog boarding facility, got his ass kicked, and got his ear slit in half
- humps every bitch he lays his eyes on (like father, like son)
- multiple giardia diagnoses 

Etc. etc. etc. But I will say this. Ace has never hopped into my bed, arched his back and laid a big fat mud monkey in my mouth while I was sleeping. Sure, I've woke up to him in the middle of the night puking in my bed, but he always has the courtesy to do it on his side of the bed and not on/in me. That's because I've trained him incredibly well. He knows where he's supposed to puke, shit, and release other bodily fluids and that he's never supposed to do those things in my mouth.

What I'm getting at is this - There aren't such things as bad dogs. There are only bad dog owners. If this lady didn't want her little shithead chihuahua ripping a big ol fudge dragon in her face, she should have trained him better. Simple as that. Frankly, she deserved that gastrointestinal infection. 

NOW, with that said, this is a chihuahua we're dealing with here. Chihuahuas are known for 2 things:

1. Being mean as FUCK. Idk if I've never really encountered a nice one. This could have been a cold, calculated attack
2. Eating Taco Bell. You know what happens after you eat Taco Bell? You get explosive diarrhea. Though it's not a bet I'd make, maybe the dog couldn't help himself and he just had nowhere else to go but this lady's mouth. Even the toughest of guts can't handle Taco Bell

Nevertheless, that's what she gets for getting a chihuahua - a steamy ol dook dropped in her mouth when she was least suspecting. At least she didn't do what this lady did and skin the dog afterwords though.