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Foxhole Gals: Mali Basketball Players Got Caught On Camera Throwing Punches At Each Other After Losing At The Women's World Cup

[Post] - Two members of Mali’s women’s basketball team duked it out Monday following their latest loss in what has so far been a winless appearance in the women’s World Cup.

FIBA, the international basketball governing body, has opened an investigation into the incident between ballers Salimatou Kourouma and Kamite Elisabeth Dabou.

Both players are averaging less than 10 points per game as the woeful Mali team has lost each of their four games by an average of 30 points.

Any time you can brawl with a fellow teammate averaging under 10 points per game you simply have to. Blame the other person. I mean, it's clearly their fault you keep losing by 30 points at the women's World Cup. At the same time consider yourself lucky you don't have to play America: 

145 points. Might drop 200 on Mali. Might have them turn even more on each other. I went and rewatched it just to make sure punches were thrown and yep. Sure as shit, these two were really brawling. It actually looked a little bit like some wrestling (or Rasslin). Got into the close lock and try to throw some rabbit punches at the head. Very Jon Moxley-esque from the Mali women here. 

Now, there are times that brawling with a teammate is good. Sometimes you need a fight to rally the troops. Sometimes you need a fight to get closer together. However, Mali followed up this game by losing to Canada by 23. Strong follow up to two scrubs getting into a fight. 

I need to know what was said to trigger this and have it happen right there. Couldn't even wait for the locker room. Couldn't even hide from it, just had to throw a couple punches while a Serbia player was getting interviewed. Speaking of which, that Serbia player has NO chance in a fight. Look at that reaction. Terrified. Gotta be stronger than that there. 

Teammates for life.