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Jimmy Kimmel Convinced All These "Die Hard" Red Sox Fans To Wear Yankees Gear For A Fake Promo And They All Obliged Wayyyyy Too Easily

This came on right after Monday Night Football last night. Kimmel was actually on at halftime promoting his "Back To Brooklyn" week that he's doing live from NYC all week long. 

I saved the video to start where he introduces the idea they had- there's no rivalry in sports more heated than Red Sox-Yankees. So he sent his team up to Yawkey Way (home of the last-place Red Sox) to see if they could find some die-hard fans they could try and convince to flip for a fake Yankees promo. 

My ears perked up because I figured they'd run into some day laborers from Lowell or something who'd respectfully tell them to go fuck themselves, and their mother, while they were at it.

But leave it to the Kimmel producers to find an old lady from Sherbourne, a couple college girls from out of state (probably), and a few guys with no balls. 

Sad day for Red Sox nation. 

Somewhere the Saugus Rocket cries.