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Dave Gettleman's Shit Is Still Ruining The Giants, Which Is Exactly Why Kenny Golladay Needs To Be Cut Today

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You know what I'm talking about. The drop last night. The drop that killed the Giants chances. The drop that summed up his entire existence with the Giants. 

I didn't think I'd find someone so quick to reach Ereck Flowers level for me. It might even be deeper than Ereck Flowers, we're talking Eli Apple and Matt Dodge and all these other Giants I fucking hated. 

I don't blame Kenny Golladay for taking $72 million. If you can fleece someone into that much money, by all means, go do it. I blame him for sucking. I blame him for being a headache despite not being good. I blame him for demanding he should play and then choking. Catch the ball. Do your job. 

But really I blame the overall shit and disgusting stink this man left on the team

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Dave Gettleman ruined the entire franchise. He missed on draft picks. He handed out money to guys who didn't deserve it. He's the reason it's a miracle that Brian Daboll is 2-1. Also the reason I'm blindly trusting Daboll and Schoen this early. They have, you know, basic knowledge of how to run a team. Huge step from where we were at. 

But the time has come. We have to get rid of all this Gettleman stank. It starts with cutting Golladay. We're going to have to take on dead cap weight at some point anyways, but get him off the team. He's not helping you. Just let Richie James, David Sills and Wan'Dale Robinson (when healthy) take over. Fuck it. Build there later. You'll keep winning games the more Gettleman guys you get rid of. 


So no one values him. Shows how much of a disaster Dave Gettleman always was and always will be. John Mara is to blame here too. You don't hire a guy like this and get away with it. Daboll is basically coaching with one arm behind his back right now because of it. He doesn't have the weapons. He doesn't have the right o-line and it's all because of a lack of salary cap. Gettleman talked about hogmollies and believed money is basically fake. 

Cut Kenny Golladay today. Let us all move on.