NASA Hit An Asteroid Traveling Thousands Of MPH Through Space With A Rocket Propelled Spacecraft IN STRIDE, Which Begs The Question. Why Haven't They Got Us Back To The Moon In Half A Century?

(Here's the full clip, best broadcast I found. The guy PBS had narrating on this was fierce as fuck)

Clem just blogged it, but watching these NASA nerds, who've dedicated heir lives to the study of space, asteroids, and whatnot, lose their minds like they just won the Super Bowl just warms your heart.

And I'm really, truly, honestly, not trying to be the turd in the punchbowl here, and rain on anybody's parade, but if NASA is capable of pulling off a picturesque Aaron Rodgers-to-Valdez-Scantling bomb:

Hitting this bitch with a rocket-propelled spacecraft, while it's moving thousands of miles per hour, through zero gravity, then how the hell haven't they got us back to the moon since 1969?

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Honest to God question. Not being a facetious prick (insult somehow omitted from our insults snake draft this week) whatsoever.


If we could get to the moon back before cell phones, colored televisions, and the internet, how the fuck can't we get back there since?

I know a lot of people will tell me it's because we never went to begin with. Which I find funny because why would the U.S. government ever lie to us? 

People I thought were a lot smarter than me also aren't buying into the idea that NASA made impact with this asteroid today, knocking it off its trajectory. 

Big Cat, Billy Football, and Jack Mac. "The triumvirate of takes" as I like to call them. 

A little paranoid fellas, no?

Stanley Kubrick's been dead for 23 years now so how would you even begin to explain faking this direct hit? Riddle me that?


Personally, I think Lil Jon has had the best explanation so far-

If it's not true, that's the excuse I'm going with if I'm NASA. "The aliens told us stay the fuck off their turf and we are respectfully honoring their wishes." 


Nobody is arguing with that. Nobody in their right mind wants to piss off the aliens and set off an intergalactic war of the worlds. At least I hope not. 

Whatever the reason, I think we the people are owed some sort of answer from the nerds at N.A.S.A. Enough is enough.

p.s. - if you didn't know, Lil Jon is a huge "alien" and conspiracy theory guy. We talked all about aliens (and more) during our Barstool Backstage discussion.