Jerry Jones Is So Rich, He Doesn't Know How To Take A Selfie

To be clear, I am not criticizing Jerry Jones. I wish I was so rich, I didn't know how to do stuff us common folk had to do themselves. Like take a selfie, pump gas, or wipe my own ass. Or in Jerry's case, wipe his own glasses.

Don't give me that nonsense about Jerruh being too old to know how to take a selfie either. iPhones have been the same for more than a decade now and selfie technology hasn't changed at all yet Jerry was in absolute hell trying to find a selfie angle then hit the button. Jerry is just a guy that poses for selfies with people instead of takes them while posing with some random rich person. 

Which is why Jerry has this guy as his selfie guy, hold water bottle guy, and bury the bodies guy (figuratively and mayyyybe literally).