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Jeopardy And Sports Are Still A Losing Combo - The Show Tried To End Joe Lunardi's Career With This Horrible Question Last Night

I know these sorts of blogs are saved for the contestants being awful at answering sports question. But this time it's about the writers. What happened? First off, you're just going to murder Joe Lunardi like this? When you think brackets you think of Joey Brackets. The man has it in his name. He lives in a bunker (his house) and pops up to piss everyone off. He's so good at his job (mediocre at actually making predictions) that he's convinced people he can influence the committee into making decisions. 

This is nothing against Howie Schwab. He was AWESOME on Stump the Schwab. Hell that entire show was awesome. Bring that and 2 Minute Drill back. Just phenomenal shows that I would watch on repeat and would still do right this second. The fact I can stream every single Wrestlemania but not those shows is exactly what's wrong with ESPN too. 


So problem 1 was using Howie Schwab. I'm as dedicated as anyone when it comes to college basketball - so much so I can name the starting 5 for both the No. 1 and 2 preseason ranked teams. I'm not here to brag though. I'm here to complain. Howie Schwab is not known for being a bracketologist. I somewhat remembered it, so I googled it and saw he had one in 2021 and then a bunch in 2018? Come on. Joey Lunardi is putting out brackets the day the NCAA Tournament ends! 

Problem 2? They didn't even describe bracketologist right! Bracketologist prognosticates a bracket, the don't make picks. That's what the 'experts' on Picks Central do every day at noon. I need the writers to be better. This will always be Alex Trebek's show and there's no chance Alex would have let this slide.