Yeah Science! NASA Smashed A Spacecraft Into An Asteroid To Test How We Can Defend Against Objects That Could Crash On Earth And We Got Some Electric Celebrations

Hey space, welcome to Earf!

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JK, your bitch ass couldn't come anywhere making it to Earth thanks to those super brains in NASA!

There are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to how our planet or at the very least species may meet its untimely doom and the list of candidates only seems to grow by the day. But it looks like we may be able to cross off asteroid at one point in our lifetime, which seems pretty sweet. I'm sure the dinosaurs are jealous right now (even though I'm kinda concerned this asteroids family may send a bunch of goons here to avenge its death).

However the big story here isn't NASA pulling off another win since I feel like they are constantly stacking W's. It's the post victory celebrations that are on display after God knows how much math and science using figures in equations my common man brain couldn't comprehend let alone solve.

We led things off with the double high five, which was the safe play because the high ten somehow keeps everything balanced since you have two hands up.

That was followed up with a single high five that was as dangerous as it was flawless.

I thought these five guys were putting all their hands in the middle like a basketball team about to break a huddle, which would've been fucking AMAZING. Instead we got a grab bag of handshakes, which I personally loved.


I couldn't tell you anything about these two guys other than the fact they are

A. Definitely smarter than me


B. Dressed like they work for the Geek Squad

However that arm grab tells me there were a lot of long days and sleepless nights spent on this project. I guarantee these guys will be in each others' wedding parties.

We round out the celebrations with this heartwarming moment.

If you guys know me, you know I'm a hugger. And I can tell you that hug is at least 4.6 Balls when it comes to emotion. Double hands, head on shoulder, clearly bringing the squeeze. Moments like this is why you crunch all those numbers (along with ensuring your species doesn't become fuel for vehicles millions of years down the road).

Cherish that IMPACT achievement badge everyone. You earned it!

Also I'm not sure if it's the expression on his face, the color of his tie, or his posture. But I thought this guy was for sure gonna give us a Roy Williams locker room celebration dance once the camera panned to him.


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Maybe after NASA next W, which no doubt will be very soon.


I still can't watch Harry's goodbye to Grace and I'm happy a real life Harry won't have to do that if these NASA geniuses keep crushing their jobs.