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Myles Garrett Has Been Transported To A Hospital After His Car Went Off The Side Of The Road And Flipped Several Times

Holy shit. The car went off the road and flipped several times? With a passenger inside? 

Thank God they are both okay. This could've been much, much worse. That car is absolutely destroyed. You can replace a car, but you can't replace a life. Prayers up to everyone involved. 

I'm not going to speculate on anything until the facts come out. Authorities have confirmed that no drugs or alcohol were involved, which is a good thing. And we'll have to wait and see what the "non-life sustaining injuries" are. That could be anything from a couple bumps and bruises to a broken arm that would sideline him for a couple months. There's some rumors on Twitter right now that he broke his wrist, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm not even going to talk football. Thank God he and the passenger are alive. And here's your reminder to wear a seat belt.