Reggie Bush Says That The NCAA Did No Research Before They Took His Heisman Trophy Away

This is exactly why people don't trust the NCAA. In this video Reggie Bush is on the I Am Athlete podcast explaining how everything went down and the process of how they actually went about taking his trophy. This is why the internet is so fucked up because you hear a little bit about a story and in your head for the rest of that time you only know that one part of the story. 

The craziest part of this entire story is that the NCAA had a conference call with him and that was the only meeting he had about this situation before he found out he was just getting his trophy taken away. He didn't talk to anyone on the Heisman board or anybody else other than that one conference call. How do you just take something away from him after one call? That means they knew what they were doing no matter what he said. 

He also said the guys investigating him had their own set of skeletons in their closet.

I love this line, "A police record as long as the Cheesecake Factory Menu." We all know that menu is far too long and it is very hard to know what you want when there are that many options. This guy probably wanted to just make an impact because he had such a bad track record and they forced him to give the trophy up. You can also see the passion when he talks because he went on to say how he will be getting the trophy back. They did no research at all they did everything by hearsay and didn't give him the fair chance to defend himself. 

So I'm demanding the NCAA give Reggie the Heisman back and stop doing shady shit like this to players that make you billions of dollars.